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Some of our Favorite Photos from the Center!

(Additional Photos can be found on our Facebook page)

Our store in the physical plane

This is the front of our store welcoming you!

Ganesh keeps a watch over the store and the people who stop by!

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Welcome to TranZformation!

A Center for Spirit, Love, and Healing

Always remember to LOVE and have FUN!

Rosina and Kyle

Rosina our Proprietress on the Left and Kyle on the right. Rosina is our lovely Proprietress and Kyle does chair massage for us.

Full Moon

First full moon of the year, brightest of 2010!

The Shop

The shop is always transforming to make room for our special events, and special products. Never a dull moment here at TranZformation!

The Goddess is In

Walter does a lot of Auspicious Artwork for our viewing pleasure.

Christopher Penczak!?

Yep, that's right! We love to have some famous faces around and blessing us with book signings, classes, and even readings!!


Rosina holds and guides our Full Moon, New Moon and multiple Sabbats at the shop! It is interfaith so anyone can attend. If you have any questions about our events give us a call!

Altars for our Sabbats and Esbats

All of our rituals are beautifully guided by Rosina and include wonderful altars and activities for all ages.

Rosina makes sure music is an integral part of TranZformation, because music and sounds is most healing.

Rosina plays a Crystal Bowl Meditation every month! Come check it out, its free/Love offering! What a great deal! We occasionally have events that include drums, cellos, and/or violins.